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Investments Made

With the aim to create a good return on investment, we look for long-term growth opportunities that have the potential to make a significant impact on the overall economy. We then combine this with experienced fund managers, who look to apply their trading edge over the medium term, balancing and diversifying the returns of the overall fund.

Here is a snapshot of company’s we have created or invested in.

  • ACY Securities – Founded and grew this company from an affiliate, to a fully fledged global Forex broker, with offices around the world, over 70000 clients across 150+ countries. From a business started from two co-founders, to a peak of more than $50 million in revenue in 2017.
  • Zerologix – Founded this Research & development company, focused on building SAAS tools for the financial services industry. We went from solving the most pressing financial issues we faced as a broker, to providing those solutions to an ever expanding global FX brokerage sector. This includes social trading platforms, CRMs, Admin portals, client onboarding, affiliate marketing tracking, Payment gateways, account management and much more.
  • AusbizTV – Ausbiz was born because we wholeheartedly believe Australia deserves a dedicated business channel and that a streaming service is the best way to deliver it. Our premise is simple, we want to connect all kinds of investors with all kinds of opportunities, and we want to do it through high quality, engaging content.