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Fund Objective

Our investment strategy consists of partnering with some of the world’s most promising technology companies, in the fintech, regtech and mediatech sectors, to invest in and help develop the next wave of advancements.

The purpose of this fund is to provide a stable return for investors over the medium to long-term, offering a fixed return over a 1-5 year time horizon.

Some of the emerging tech companies we've invested in.

ACY Securities

ACY Securities is one of Australia’s fastest-growing multi-asset online trading providers, offering ultra-low-cost trading, rock-solid execution, technologically superior account management and premium market analysis.


ausbiz was born because we wholeheartedly believe Australia deserves a dedicated business channel and that a streaming service is the best way to deliver it. Our premise is simple, we want to connect all kinds of investors with all kinds of opportunities, and we want to do it through high quality, engaging content.


Zerologix is an Australian technology development company lead by financial services professionals, creating innovative solutions for the financial services industry. Some of the solutions developed or being built include:

  • Finlogix – Finlogix allows you to leverage the expert analysis of our community of traders, combining HTML5 charting and industry leading trading tools. In combination with our advanced charting platform, Finlogix provides a suite of widget based solutions for the media, websites & brokers.
  • LogixCRM – A cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) SAAS system, allowing a range of financial services businesses to better track and manage their clients to produce better sales outcomes.
  • LogixPanel – A best-in-class account management platform, incorporating CRM, affiliate tracking, treasury, payment gateways, HR, sales, operations, and marketing, providing the one portal for you to track everything in your business.
  • Intellogix – An industry-leading solution for order execution, risk management, and reporting of the full suite of financial assets, including OTC derivatives. Intellogix aggregates liquidity and supports multi-asset classes from Prime Brokers, Prime of Prime brokers and allows you to manage your risk and exposure in real-time and internalising your flow.